Hoomband wireless review

Latest hoomband wireless review 2021; can you eliminate the stress of falling asleep with hoomband?

This is our in-depth information on hoomband wireless review. Let’s start straight away. The world always seem sunny after a great night’s rest. But it’s a different story when sleep is frequently interrupted. A lack of Zs makes it harder to think and easier to become irritated and anxious. In the long term, inadequate sleep increases your risk for health status and general well being.

Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health. Fall short and it can take a serious toll on your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance, and even your weight. Yet many of us regularly toss and turn at night, struggling to get the sleep we need.

You may be surprised to know that insomnia is the most common sleep problem in adults age 60 and older but are surprisingly found among the younger ones lately. People with this condition have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Insomnia can last for days, months, and even years. Having trouble sleeping can mean you:

  • Take a long time to fall asleep
  • Wake up many times in the night
  • Wake up early and are unable to get back to sleep
  • Wake up tired
  • Feel very sleepy during the day

Often, being unable to sleep becomes a habit. Some people worry about not sleeping even before they get into bed. This may make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Some older adults who have trouble sleeping may use over-the-counter sleep aids. Others may use prescription medicines to help them sleep. These medicines may help when used for a short time. But remember, medicines aren’t a cure for insomnia.

Getting a good night’s sleep may seem like an impossible goal when you’re wide awake at 3 a.m., but you have much more control over the quality of your sleep than you probably realize. Just as the way you feel during your waking hours often hinges on how well you sleep at night, so the cure for sleep difficulties can often be found in your daily routine.

Unhealthy daytime habits and lifestyle choices can leave you tossing and turning at night and adversely affect your mood, brain and heart health, immune system, creativity, vitality, and weight. But by making use of this latest device (hoomband wireless) specially designed by sleep therapist for anyone finding it difficult to fall asleep or sleep very well, you can enjoy better sleep at night, boost your health, and improve how you think and feel during the day.

As we proceed further in this hoomband wireless review, you will learn a lot how you can eliminate the stress of falling asleep with HOOMBAND WIRELESS: The Headphones you wear while lying down to enjoy guided meditations, white noise, and innovative storytelling for a better sleep. Our hoomband wireless review guide provides you with an in-depth review of this device, other online users written hoomband wireless reviews, quality testing and evaluation and many more. Sit tight as we discuss hoomband wireless review in detail.

What is hoomband wireless (hoomband wireless review)

Hoomband wireless Review
hoomband wireless review

Hoomband wireless is an innovative wireless sleeping headband that is specially designed by a team of sleeping therapy experts to help anyone finding it difficult to sleep or having issues related insomnia. Hoomband wireless is actually a headband with built-in wireless earphones that allow you to sleep well. This wireless headband does this by playing deep meditative verses, ambient sound, white noise, immersive documentaries and hypnotic documentaries.

Many a time people with irregular sleeping cycle or insomnia rely on dangerous chemicals that may have severe side effects on their general well-being but now you have to worry no more because this wireless headband uses the power of guided meditations to help anyone sleep very well without any form of pills that could endanger one’s health.

Hoomband wireless proves to ease you gently into sleep with guided meditation, whispered stories or white noise all without disturbing anyone else in the household due to the built-in headphones. Yes, you could try sleeping with regular headphones, but even wireless headphones become uncomfortable if you try laying on your side.

Hoomband wireless comes in two sizes, Small or Medium/Large affording you the chance to choose anyone that fits you, the earphones are built into the sides of the band in the perfect spot to sit comfortably on your ears, the earphones are ultra-thin so you can barely feel them, they’re placed under an innovative foam, which is itself concealed under the main fabric.

This wireless headband is quite wide so it covers a large portion of your head, I was concerned it would make my head hot, but the thin material is quite breathable, it can also be machine washed. This headband connects wireless to any smartphone you wish to use it with. Moreso, the easy-to-wear, breathable Hoomband headband provides hundreds of satisfying aural landscapes that cradle the mind and put your entire body at ease.

Most sleep headphones are designed for side sleeping, but the hoomband wireless integrates the earpieces into a soft fabric headband for extra comfort. The flat speakers of hoomband are nestled into an extremely stretchy fabric and a breathable mesh lining, that’s not only soft, it’s hypoallergenic too. The speakers are ultrathin so you can’t feel them, even when your head is pressed into a pillow.

The setup of hoomband wireless supports wireless playback and runs for 10 hours on a single charge and because the fabric is moisture-wicking and won’t slip, these sleep headphones can double up as workout headphones. You can use them on your run, wash the fabric, and then use them at bedtime.

Hoomband keeps the ultra-flat earphones affixed in the correct position for the comfort and protection of your ears while you sleep. Your selection will automatically shut off once it is complete. Whether you’re wanting a more replenishing rest, a mid-afternoon break, or you practice daily meditation, Hoomband wireless can help you achieve your goals.

What are the features of hoomband wireless?

Our hoomband wireless review guide takes a look at the special features that make hoomband wireless the best selling sleeping headband in places like United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United kingdom.

Hoomband wireless reviews
hoomband wireless reviews

UNIQUE HEADBAND: With its extra thin earphones wrapped inside a soft and light fabric, you will forget you are wearing your HoomBand. No more bulky headphones or intrusive earphones: the manufacturers of hoomband wireless headband made sure that the comfort of your ears is naturally respected.

THREE IN ONE: Hoomband Wireless could be used as Sleep Headphones & Sleep Mask & Sports Headband – Hoomband wireless headband is so multi-functional that you can use it as sleep headphones, sleep mask and sports headband. Hoomband wireless feature a headband design with wireless speakers inside, which help to tune out external noises and lull yourself to sleep. Hoomband wireless are very lightweight, which are suitable to travel and athletic activities as well as sleeping.

Moreso, hoomband wireless allows you to listen music without having to wear additional headphones, and protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat. The built-in microphone to let you won’t miss any callings. Hoomband wireless is suitable for gym, workout, running, yoga and other outdoor activities. Even if you don’t use the music, the headband is comfortable enough to sleep in any position.

COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE AND WASHABLE MATERIAL – Hoomband wireless headband for sleeping are incredibly soft, hypoallergenic and fully washable, please remember to remove the speakers before washing. Hoomband wireless headband offer a breathable mesh lining, easily stretch to fit most head sizes. Soft foam-covered headphones are less then ¼ thick, the bluetooth noise canceling sleep mask headphone a comfortable option regardless of sleeper position. Such a unique wireless sleeping headband is a perfect gift ideal for men, women, father, mother, and all those suffering from insomnia.

HD HIFI AUDIO SOUND & WIRELESS 5.0 BLUETOOTH-COMPATIBLE – Hoomband wireless built in stereo speaker and microphone, provide high quality digital sound; Bluetooth hoomband headband for sleeping offer a range of up to 45 feet, will connect to any Bluetooth smartphone or portable device. The hoomband wireless with 5.0 bluetooth headband not only gives users attractive & stylish look, but also bring them superior sound quality when sleeping, running, or practicing yoga. The true HD HIFI sound feature latest Bluetooth technology that produce great sound quality which are compatible with Android and iOS.

IMPROVE BATTERY CAPACITY AND HIGH QUALITY PLAYBACK – Hoomband wireless offer a rechargeable battery that lasts up to twelve hours which means it can last for several hours till you get maximum enough rest when in use. Quality chip set ensure clear sound and lossless music even the headphones are in the headband. There are built-in microphone and volume control buttons which enable users to answer hands-free phone calls and handle previous/next song without having to use your phone.

FLAT SPEAKERS: HoomBand’s headphones are ultra thin so you can’t feel them. The Bluetooth 5.0 module makes it possible to read the audio content without a cable getting in your way. They’re placed under a soft foam, which is itself concealed under a breathable fabric. The ultra-thin flat headphone speakers are comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side.

Who needs this headband (hoomband wireless review)

Our hoomband wireless review guide team was made to understand from the makers of this unique headband that is basically for everyone. Mores it’s specifically made for people under this category;

  • When going to sleep or sleeping next to a snorer.
  • For people suffering in various degrees from excessive stress or worry.
  • For listening to music and TV in bed at night while your partner sleeps.
  • For listening to music while traveling or commuting.
  • While working out, stationary biking, walking, or jogging.
  • For about anywhere you want to hear music and more.

How does hoomband wireless hypnotic stories work?

  • STEP ONE: IntroductionThe story begins. Get into bed.
  • STEP TWO: Prepare for sleepProgressive relaxation using techniques that involve breathing, cardiac coherence, body scan and stimulation of the 5 senses (VAKOG).
  • STEP THREE: Get deeper into hypnotic tranceYour conscience state has changed, you are in another world.
  • STEP FOUR: Relaxation and sleepDeep relaxation. Quiet your busy mind and get ready to sleep effortlessly.

Hoomband wireless package includes;

  • Hypnotic storytelling and guided sleep meditations that let you drift off naturally•
  • Soundscapes and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) that help you physically relax and mentally unwind•
  • Ambient sounds (binaural frequencies, solar piano keys, and more)•
  • White noise (comforting rain sounds, etc.) to distract you from your environment•
  • Immersive audio documentaries for transitioning into sleep•
  • Hours of new content updated regularly

Why should I buy hoomband wireless?

Hoomband wireless
Hoomband wireless reviews

During our time of providing hoomband wireless review guide, we came across a lot of many online hoomband wireless reviews shared by people from the Canada, Australia and other popular countries. They were impressed with the pleasing sound and quality audio content provided by Hoomband.

It doesn’t take long to sleep and people sleep soundly after using headband of hoomband wireless. With the use of this headband, people have minimized the use of television at night. They prefer to listen to the quality audio content provided by hoomband.

Moreso, hoomband wireless headband is elastic which means it can fit into any head size and be used easily. The headband is washable and ventilated. The band is wireless which means you don’t need any dangling wire which could cause nuisance while asleep in the night.

Sounds of nature, binaural frequencies, sunny chords, ASMR and many other ambient sounds are available in the audio content of hoomband wireless. The best part of Hoomband is the white noise due to which one is isolated from the outside world and can have a deep sleep.

HoomBand is a lot of things.It looks like a cozy padded headband, but it contains wireless Bluetooth-enabled earphones on the inside.Unlike traditional headphones or modern earbuds, Hoomband is comfortable to wear while lying down(even for us side sleepers!). Now, you can listen to all your favorite apps on your phone or tablet even with your head nestled on a pillow.

Hoomband wireless headband is designed for people to sleep perfectly. It turned off automatically when he entered his dreams. You can use the audio content in any of the applications. Its ambient sound, hypnotic stories, white noise and the use of the offline mode are the best features of hoomband. So, get ready to relax your mind and sleep effortlessly at night with this threading sleeping headband. 

Pros of using hoomband wireless (hoomband wireless review)

  • New content is frequently updated
  • It is headband properly made for sleep
  • You can avoid discomfort.
  • Better quality sleep leads to better overall health physically and mentally.
  • It has a breathable fabric
  • The use of HoomBand is limitless and can work like a headphone and also can be used with all your apps.
  • There is a one time purchase without subscription.
  • The earphones are ultra flat and wireless.
  • The hoomband wireless headband is washable.
  • Perfect for those who struggle with getting to sleep (adults and children)
  • • Can be used with multiple apps including YouTube, Calm, Spotify, Headspace, etc.
  • • Featured on GMA, ABC, Business Insider, Refinery 29, and more

Cons of using hoomband wireless (hoomband wireless review)

  • Not available in retail stores
  • Limited in quantity
  • There is only a few stocks of this product left, so the earlier you order yours the less likely you will miss out on this great product.

Hoomband wireless quality testing and evaluation

Hoomband wireless
Hoomband wireless Review

Falling asleep at a decent time has always been a real challenge for me. As a middle-aged man, I’m finding it even more difficult to get through the night without waking up at least once. I wasn’t shocked to learn that insomnia is the #1 sleep disorder in America, but I was surprised to find out that it can be fixed. And that’s where the HoomBand comes in.

For the past year, I’ve found myself waking up in the wee hours of the morning unable to go back to sleep. And it’s not always on account of having to use the toilet (although that does happen a lot). I tend to worry a lot. I worry about the security of my job, my children’s future, the well-being of my aging parents, not to mention the seemingly never-ending horror show of the nightly news.

If you don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours, you could find yourself in full-on zombie mode: short on brains, sluggish, and feeling irritable all day long. Turns out, what I thought was helping me get to sleep was actually interfering with my sleeping patterns.

Yeah, I’ll admit it. It’s my cellphone that gets my undivided attention before bed. I mentioned this to my buddy, Dan, during a Zoom call a couple of months back. “I don’t know what I would do without my cell phone, man. It’s been my security blanket at night.” I said. You do know that cell phones are probably the worst thing you can be looking at while trying to get to sleep, right?”

“Really? Even if you’re just using it to read?” I asked. “The blue light from the screen messes up your body’s natural production of melatonin, which helps to regulate your sleep cycle. ”Uh. Er. Um. “Not only does staring at your phone delay your sleep, but it may also be the reason you’re waking up at all hours. ”Dan continued. I confessed that the smartphone resting on the nightstand was the first thing I reached for when I couldn’t sleep.

“Just because you’re using it in bed, that doesn’t mean it’s helping you get to sleep. You’re training your body to stay awake. ”He said.Dan suggested I start reading from an old-fashioned paperback book. I tried that, but I found my mind was constantly wandering. After a bit of research, I found a solution that was a little bit “old school,” but also very much linked to the technology of today. Dan was wrong. Cell phones can help you go to sleep.

I replaced my old tech habit with an all-new one, and I’ve never slept better.Music is good, but HoomBand Wireless offers the ultimate in relaxation. The HoomBand app was created by sleep experts using techniques associated with hypnosis, cardiac coherence, relaxation therapy, and meditation.

Most of the tracks I’ve used clock in at just under 20 minutes, but I’ve found I rarely make it past the halfway mark. Yes, HoomBand Wireless works that well!The easy-to-wear, breathable HoomBand Wireless headband provides hundreds of satisfying aural landscapes that cradle the mind and put your entire body at ease.

I must say, my daytime energy levels received a nice little boost after using HoomBand Wireless. In some ways, I feel like I’ve recaptured my childhood. I’m finally starting to go to bed at a decent time again. The experience of falling asleep while having a story being read to me every night is very comforting. After using HoomBand Wireless, falling asleep was no longer the drawn-out ordeal it had become, and every morning, I was feeling more refreshed than I ever had in my entire life.

One piece of advice.If you have a spouse, go ahead and order twoduring your initial order. Trust me, you’ll avoid any jealousy and your HoomBand Wireless will always be available whenever you need it. You’ll even save a few bucks through the company’s special checkout page.

Does hoomband wireless really work?

hoomband wireless review

Wearing conventional headphones and earbuds while lying down is a drag. Even the slightest tilt of your head is enough to cause you severe discomfort. And, we all know how uncomfortable it would be to strangle ourselves with a mess of wires or have an earpod jammed deeper in our ear than we would imagine possible. Thankfully, HoomBand Wireless has developed a great sounding ultra-flat headphone (Wireless BT 5.0 for premium audio quality) that can be worn in any relaxed position.

HoomBand Wireless is super comfortable. And yes, the electrical components can be slid out when it’s time to clean the fabric. It’s ventilated, elastic, and washable by hand. Don’t worry, you’ll never get too warm wearing the headband either(and I’m a guy that tends to run hot all the time).

I wouldn’t hesitate to try this out during my next business flight. I notice it does include an offline/airplane mode. Heck, I’d even wear it on the bus.The headband can be pulled down to cover your eyes for a truly immersive, relaxing sensation.

It’s a real novelty being able to lie on my side with these extra-thin earphones nuzzled against my ears. If you’re a light sleeper, HoomBand Wireless offers a pretty attractive solution for canceling out unwanted noise. Of course, HoomBand isn’t HoomBand without its app.

The app is like a warm fuzzy blanket for your ears and a soothing cup of chamomile tea for your mind. You’ve got to try it out! The App that lulls the mind to sleep. Did you know that silence can interfere with certain people’s ability to try and sleep? However, if you’re thinking the HoomBand app is nothing more than an endless parade of new age music, you are wrong.

Customers Written hoomband wireless reviews

I love the meditation, nature sounds, and the progressive relaxation on the app. It helps me focus on my breathing while relaxing my muscles from the tension of the pandemic and ridiculous political news of today. So turn off the TV, exercise, and use the hoomband to help your body and mind. Even if you don’t wear the band the hoomband app is great.

Jude Vahrum

This thing is a lifesaver. I need some kind of background noise to fall asleep but my husband hates when I leave the tv on and he wants it quiet while he falls asleep. With hoom I can listen to music or relaxing stories without bothering my husband and we both fall asleep quickly now. It does have an aux cord but I have an adapter (got it on amazon for only $5) so it works with my iphone perfectly. The app has lots of choices too. Been recommending this to all my insomniac friends.

Hudson Hughes

Where to buy hoomband (hoomband wireless review)

If after reading this hoomband wireless review guide and you want to make a purchase. The HoomBand is best ordered directly from the supplier. Because here you not only get the certainty of getting the original, but you can also take advantage of specific offers. These usually not only have the advantage that you can get several hoomband at once, but also that you get a better price.

To order, it is only necessary to fill in the order form on the manufacturer’s website with your data. Only a few details are required for this. Then you finally choose how you want to pay for the hoomband. You can pay for the wireless headband with Paypal or credit card. So the customer is also on the safe side regarding payment.

Afterwards you just send the order and you will receive an e-mail with information about your order. When the headband are finally shipped, you will receive another e-mail. In this e-mail you will find a link with a tracking number. You can use this link to find out where a parcel is at the moment. So you always know how long it will take until the HoomBand arrives and you can try it out right away.

FAQs (hoomband wireless review)

This hoomband wireless review guide answers some of the questions our readers would like to ask as regards this product but if your question is not answered, you can make use of the comment section.

What if I dislike my HoomBand?

You have 100 nights to try HoomBand after date of purchase. If you’re not completely satisfied with it, you can send it back to us for a full refund! (Return postage fees are not included)

Can my kids as well use my Hoomband?

We do not recommend the use of HoomBand by those under 12 years of age. Just like with conventional headphones, it is not advisable to expose the ears of young children to sound content for long periods of time.

How can I measure my head’s circumference so I can order the proper size HoomBand?

Size S is for a head measuring under 22″ (56 cm) around, and Size M/L a head measuring greater than 22″ (56 cm). Please note that the most common size is size M. If you would like to measure your head size, it’s quite simple; Take a piece of string (or a shoelace) and put it around your head, then hold it where the string crosses over, place it on a flat surface and measure with a ruler. And don’t worry, if you don’t get the right size just get in touch with us and we will find a solution!

Final submission on hoomband wireless review

Ordering online can be a mixed blessing. I’m pleased to report I didn’t have to wait long for the HoomBand Wireless to arrive.The company is very professional.There are 2 sizes (S or M/L) but it’s safe to take the M/L size because it’s the most common size (70% of users). If you own a smartphone or a tablet of any kind, you’ll have no problems setting up HoomBandafter its unboxing. It’s ready to go right away after its unboxing.

It’s ready to go right away. Charging the device is effortless, as is making any necessary adjustments to the positioning of the earphones themselves. With the app downloaded, you’ll be ready to explore a new world of relaxation options for enhanced serenity and a sounder sleep. It didn’t take long to embrace my new routine.

Make sure you order from the official HoomBand site, that way you know you’re getting the best pricing and the most trustworthy shipping. Are you ready for more comfortable listening and a better night’s sleep? If you’re like me, the decision is simple. Order your HoomBand here and prepare to drift away.

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