coil lighter review

Coil lighter review 2021; Why does this latest coillighter trend in the United States?

If you’re looking for the best in terms of quality and durable lighter you can rely on when it’s raining outdoors or you find yourself in unfriendly weather, then a coil lighter review  is just the right fit for you.

Everyone always needs a lighter, these handy little devices can spark a flame anywhere, any time. But there are a few serious problems with traditional fuel-based lighters. They constantly run out of fuel and need to be refilled or replaced, and in the face of factors like wind and rain, they tend to fail or blow out quickly. 

Interestingly, just like any other gadget, lighters have also evolved over time. Gone are the days, when people used the old flint spark to light cigarettes; now is the time of coil lighters. 

Unlike regular lighters, coil lighters don’t produce a flame that lights things up, it uses a high voltage between closely placed electrodes giving an electric arc. Known as windproof or blunt lighter, coil lighter doesn’t have the effect of wind – this feature makes it effective in bad weather too

As a result of the unending problems with traditional lighters, coil lighter review was created as a solution provider to these problems and increasingly more people are turning to a newer kind of lighter: a coil lighter. When you choose a coil lighter, you don’t have to worry about any of the cons of a traditional lighter.

Only recently has this revolutionary technology become available to the general public. Teams of engineers have developed the Coil lighter that uses Tesla Coil’s technology and combines it with a lithium ion battery to create a user-friendly consumer version of the ingenious device.

These coil lighters are very convenient, cool-looking, flameless, and environment-friendly substitutes for the traditional fuel lighters and can be used over and over again. Making life more economical, easier, and hassle-free for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Moreso, as modern lighters, coil lighters run on electricity delivered from rechargeable batteries, and they offer better reliability. In the face of unpredictable weather and environments, a coil lighter is one of the most useful tools you can have on hand.

A handy coil lighter is definitely one of the most essential tools that come to your rescue at all times! Whether you go camping or you are at home, A kind of coil lighter is one of the handy equipment that promises to be your friend forever. 

Are you willing to learn further about this latest coil lighter that’s the number consumer’s choice in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries when it comes to the best electric rechargeable lighter in the marketplace? Then stick around as we dive into the coil lighter review. 

Coil lighter review is created as the perfect place for any consumer who is willing or interested to learn in detail about Coillighter. This review brings you up to speed with customers’ reports on coil lighter, it’s maintenance, benefits, also lets you know how safe coil lighter could be and many more. In case you snore or your fellow does, you might find our bluegadget nasal clip review helpful and handy to use.

WHAT IS COIL LIGHTER (coil lighter review)

coil lighter review
coil lighter review

The CoilLighter is a self-contained lightning generator that produces a waterproof, windproof 1,800 degree flame that stays lit under the harshest condition, even under running water. These coil lighters are electrically operated, environmentally friendly, and perfect as an outdoor lighter, candle lighter, BBQ lighter, wedding celebration utility, fireplace starter, and emergency fire starter tool.

No gas or butane is required for a coil lighter. Coil lighter is designed to be used in the most unexpected outdoor settings, this coillighter is well-built and highly durable. It’s both a dual-arc plasma lighter and a survival tool in one. Coil lighter runs on electricity delivered via a rechargeable battery, and the plasma arcs are both waterproof and windproof so you can always get a light in rain, wind, snow, and more. 

The top-facing dual arcs coillighter can light anything they touch, and the built-in, lithium ion battery is fully rechargeable, keeping your CoilLighter going for days. One charge will last for up to 500 uses and it charges easily using a Micro USB charging cord (included) that can be plugged into a car, boat, laptop or outlet.

Overlooked, yet versatile, these coil lighters are those compact windproof and waterproof lighters that fit into your pocket easily and have tons of uses. In fact, going camping without a coil lighter would be a complete nightmare! Smoking, grilling or just lighting a fire – coil lighter makes your trip comfortable in every way.

When regular lighters sputter and go out, this is your lifeline! Coil lighters are airport safe as they do not contain any dangerous fuel. With its powerful built-in USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery, coil lighter can be connected to the charger or any other standard USB port, i.e. computer, mobile or power bank.

Like stated on a coil lighter review, this new age lighter comes with a built-in flashlight and offers three emergency lighting settings, and an included emergency whistle offers you a bit of added security. No matter where you find yourself, the three-year warranty that backs up this product will ensure you have a reliable fire power source anywhere, anytime.


To every consumer or buyer out there, one of the first things one checks on a review of a product is it’s technical facts which gives you an insight of what to expect from your product and in this coil lighter review, our team of experts understand that which made us to come up with all the technical facts one must know about coil lighter review USA. The facts are as follows;

  •  Waterproof – Flame stays lit in rain and under running water
  •  Windproof in hurricanes and severe weather
  • Built-in Water-resistant Flashlight
  • Built-in 120 decibel whistle
  • Compact Design
  • Long Battery Life (up to 500 uses per charge)
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Includes Micro USB charging cable.
  • 15′ Lanyard Included
  • Water and Shatterproof Tough-as-Nails ABS Plastic Case

FEATURES OF COIL LIGHTER (coil lighter review)

coillighter review
coil lighter review

Are you on coil lighter review to know the features that made coillighter the best electric rechargeable lighter in the United States? Then go through the amazing features that come with this coil lighter once you make it your choice.

THE BEST FLAMELESS ELECTRIC LIGHTER: The Coil lighter will instantly upgrade your experience; its extra-fast and powerful flameless eco-dual arc that is windproof can light up a candle with the press of a button; included is the lighter, USB cord, cleaning brush, and drawstring carry bag in a custom designer box ready for giving; the lighter weighs less than 3 ounces and measures 2.7 by 1.1 by 0.4 inches.

RECHARGEABLE, ENVIRONMENTAL, AND POCKET FRIENDLY: With this electronic COIL LIGHTER, there is no need for buying plastic lighters, butane gas, or other harmful fluids to refill your lighter; simply connect the sleekly-designed lighter with the white 9-inch USB cable provided to a power bank, and within 2 hours, your lighter will be ready to offer 300 to 500 lights or up to a week of use before the next charge, depending on how much it is used.

EXQUISITE, CLASSY DESIGN: Unlike plastic, cheaply looking lighters, the coil lighter  is available in 3 classic colors of solid black, camouflage, and gold; the coil lighter is a must have accessory for any home or person; its convenient size allows you to keep it always in your pocket, ready to make the best impression with your friends and guests; slip it in the matching black drawstring bag and use the enclosed brush whenever the lighter needs cleaning.

EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: If you are looking for a unique present for your family and friends, the coil lighter is definitely it; arriving in a luxurious gift box, this rechargeable coil lighter is ideal for any occasion; offer this USB electric lighter to any use, he or she will appreciate it; perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, holidays, Christmas, and more; it’s not just a candle lighter as it can also be used to light in home, while camping or any weather conditions.

WEATHERPROOF: With metal-ring sealed lighter cover and locking clasp,water does not seep inside,no fear of rain,this coil lighter is perfect for camping,hiking,outdoor adventure irrespective of the weather conditions and moreso, survival tactics.

A 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We strive to provide you with the highest quality product and the best customer experience possible; our USB rechargeable coil lighter comes fully backed by 30 days money back guarantee, so if you’re not entirely satisfied, please contact us; order your coil lighter that comes with the eco-dual arc, USB cord, cleaning brush, and drawstring carry bag today.


Coil lighters are the product of months of planning and preparations from designing, prototyping, and engineering to produce one of the highest quality lighters available in the market today. It is custom-made with a high-standard electric dual arc lighter that comes with only the best features.

Coil lighters USA was engineered carefully to achieve a lighter that only requires a short charging time which is why it is equipped with a better lithium battery. It now comes with a Voltage DC 5A/1A lithium battery. It was also specifically designed to have a better electric output, all encased in an elegant, much slimmer, and significantly durable case design made from zinc alloy.

These coil lighters for the United States does look tremendous and sleek with shiny sides and feel great too. As it is available in various designs and colors, the latest coil lighter for people in the United States is not only a useful tool; it can be a fashion statement also.


Coil lighter reviews usa
coillighter review

People want something that truly represents their sense of style, and this can even be found in the kind of lighters that a person uses. Just as a hat, belt, scarf, or pair of shoes can enhance the look of a person, so can the right kind of lighter. Once pulled from a person’s pocket, that becomes an adornment, an eye catcher, something that will draw people’s attention to you, and this is why it has become such a favorite item.

Of course, this is also about functionality as well. You want a lighter that provides you with something that will work in all kinds of different climates and environments, and so getting the best arch lighter for you is as much about style as it is about functionality. One kind of lighter that is quickly garnering attention from consumers is the coil lighters specifically made for people in the United States.

Coil lighter is becoming the ideal option for many people in the United States because it removes butane from the equation, making it a safer lighter that will last longer and work well than the traditional lighter has. It is why the lighter is quickly becoming the choice among many consumers these days.

At just 1.4 in. X 2.9 in. X 10.4, The CoilLighter is extremely portable and lightweight at only around 2.8 ounces, making it easier to carry around. Coil lighter is one of the lightest lighters available in the market. Coil lighter is also weatherproof and can be effectively used under any weather. It is perfect for outdoors use and in windy weather as it is also windproof.

One of the best features of coillighter USA is the extra accessories that come with it. The package includes a USB charging cable, brush, and a pouch bag, all placed inside a nice-looking gift box. The brush can be handy if the lighter’s arc and the igniter mechanism has to be cleaned. The USB cord can be used to recharge the Lighter by merely plugging it into a USB connection outlet or a PC or laptop.

The coil lighter USA comes with a protective feature too. The lighter will not ignite if the lid is closed even if the igniting button located at the front is pushed. It makes the Lighter a whole lot safer and without the risk of accidentally igniting it.

Regarding performance, the coil Lighter can light almost anything uniformly and precisely. It doesn’t create a big flame like any butane lighters, so there is no mess at all. It merely creates a sustained burn through its dual arc system for a few short seconds.

The coillighter can last up to at least 500 lights or can last for seven days under consistent use before it needs to be recharged. Using the USB charging cable, the lighter can be charged to at least 1.5 hours to be fully charged. There is no guesswork when it comes to recharging the coillighter too. It features a LED light that indicates when the lighter has already drained its battery and would need to be plugged in.

Like stated on many coil lighter reviews in the USA, coillighter is a level up from the traditional plastic butane lighters. Coil lighter is sleek designed, windproof, lightweight, and durable making every consumer’s choice in the United States.

HOW DOES COIL LIGHTER WORK? (coil lighter review USA)

Before getting into other details about Coil lighter review, it is quintessential to understand the working mechanism of the coil lighters. Many Coil lighter Reviews state that it follows the same principle as in the welding arc machine. 

Coil lighters work in the same principle as another lightning process. Lightning will always occur when there is an electrical charge in the clouds. High voltage electrical current has to move from the nodes. A coil lighter will, in turn, generate heat, and the heat will subsequently ignite the object.

The process is safe, and that is why it is better than other lighting systems. Current produced is low current. All these can happen just with a push on the button. Current will flow between these electrodes.

When that happens, the air within the nodes becomes ionized. When the button on the coillighter is pushed the electrons start to get ionized and at its maximum throttle, they spread in the air.

Once the air gets ionized the spark starts to move and electricity is generated. These coil lighters have positive and negative electrodes which make the spark travel to opposite directions, ultimately connecting the two electrodes and forming an arc. This arc is actually electricity which has a high level of intensity to ignite anything from a cigar, a candle to a barbeque. 

These coil lighters are powered by batteries and do not need any fuel recharge and what makes the entire deal more appealing is the fact that their batteries are rechargeable. The coil lighter works in such a way that you cannot observe any burning. In the same way, there will be no incineration, and there can be no ash formation.

HOW TO USE COIL LIGHTER (coillighter review)

Using a coil lighter is one the easiest things any user can think of. Coil lighter review makes it clear that there is no technical know-how or any special skill for you to use this coillighter. Simply follow the instructions outlined here;

  • Open the buckle downwards.
  • Press the lock button,the lid automatically flips.
  • Press the button to ignite.
  • When I need to charge,open the lid,and use a usb cable plugged into the charging port.


Coil lighter
coil lighter reviews

Some ordinary lighters are disposable while for some, you still have to refill the fuel once it has run out. This would require you to always have extra refills with you all the time. The main concern with using fueled lighters is that they produce a flame for lighting. This may often be a problem when you are using it during windy weather.

Now, find out why the best coil lighter would be the best choice for all your lighting needs especially if you reside in the United States.

  • Safer Than Most Lighters

Using butane or fueled lighters can often be risky and dangerous. They can be broken, or the gas can leak. Since it is highly flammable, any of these issues can cause accidents and even injuries. But with coil lighters in the USA, that is not a problem. Coillighters do not contain any form of gas at all.

Moreover, the coil lighter is made of sturdy materials that can withstand even the harshest outdoor condition. This type of lighter is also not easily broken or damaged. Also, the technology that comes with the coil lighters involves easy control over how much heat is being produced. Thus, using a coil lighter can help avoid the risks of hazardous situations such as fire.

  • All Coil Lighter Are Rechargeable

Another advantage of choosing coil lighters over classic fuel lighters is that it is rechargeable. Butane lighters are either disposable or should be replaced with a fuel chamber once it has run out. This can often be inconvenient.

However, that is not a problem when using the coillighter. Coil Lighters have a USB charging port as part of its design. CoilLighters also usually come in a package with a USB charging cord that you can plug in anywhere a USB connected outlet is available. It can also be connected to devices such as computers and laptops for recharging.

  • Coil lighters Are All Weatherproof

The Coil Lighters are weatherproof as it is among the main factors designed for this lighter trending in the United States

Since the coil lighter is powered by electricity and not some fuel or gas like butane, there are no worries about the wind putting off the flame when you have to light a cigarette or anything at all.

This feature helps in establishing the reasons why using a coil lighter is far better than the classic fuel lighters. You can be sure to light up a candle or cigarette easily even on windy days.

For those who are always outdoors and love to go on camping and hiking trips, there are no worries about bringing enough fuel refills or gas leaking as the coil lighter is battery-powered.

Technology has made it easier to have a safer and more efficient tool. There is just no reason why you shouldn’t exchange your traditional fuel lighter for the coillighter right now.


The great thing about these Coil lighters USA is that they are quite easy to maintain. This isn’t like with the butane lighters where you have to clean the mechanisms inside it to be able to keep the lighter working efficiently.

You don’t have to supply fuel to it for coil lighters to work, and you don’t have to worry about it not working properly as the fuel begins to reduce.

In this coil lighter review, what makes them so popular is the fact that you get the same electrical charge every time, as long as the lighter is fully powered.

To assist you in this process, coil lighters come with a USB port connection, allowing you to easily connect and recharge them without much of a challenge to yourself. This is making them a great option for many consumers and is turning the lighter into the most popular option for users in the United States.


coil lighter review usa

Making this critical clarification on this coil lighter review  is essential. Refilling is one of the significant differences between light and the traditional form of lighters.

While conventional lighters and other types of lighters that rely on butane need refilling, this is not the case with coil lighters. It does not require any refilling because it is not based on butane or any form of gas.

The only kind of refill required for coillighters is electric charging. Because of this, they are provided with a rechargeable battery, and anytime the battery runs down, you have to recharge it using a USB recharging device, which is always offered when you buy one. Anytime you plug the device into electricity it will begin to charge for you.

The charging time is approximately 1.5 hours though charging can take up to two hours, and this is the highest it can take to charge completely. The duration of use equally last very long upto seven days, and can at least produce 500 lights.


Coil lighters come with an instruction manual in their package which includes the recommended number of hours that the lighter should be plugged in for the battery to be fully charged.

However, before coming up with this review on the coil lighter, we tested its charging duration and found out that it takes about at least one up to two hours of continuous charging to have a fully charged battery that can last for about a week under normal use.

Moreso, coil lighters also feature a LED notification light. The function of this light is to indicate whether the battery of the lighter is drained out and already needs to be charged again. The same way, it can also notify if the battery charge is already full or not.


There are lots of benefits you can derive from using coil lighters because of the uniqueness. Safety is the most important priority of the makers of this kind of coil lighter for the USA. It has various safety features put in place, and that is why it can be used anywhere without any fear of destruction.

Because of that, coil lighters are allowed on planes. They do not constitute any danger or pose any threat to passengers on the plane.

Furthermore, coil lighters are meant to work in any condition and to recharge them, you need a USB port, and it can be powered by a battery. It can be allowed to plane because it does not contain any inflammable fluids.

If you want to go camping or you want to board a plane, you require this TSA approved lighter. It can be used in planes that are TSA approved. These are gas free lighters, and it is safer than butane, which other lighters use. This makes the coil lighter to be more environmentally friendly.


The coil lighter is obtained at the official website and there are varying different payment options which are offered to intending customers where the buyer does not incur any risks on account of payment mode. Such payment options include the pay-pal or credit cards which is one of the common means of payment online.

Most importantly in cases where customers don’t get to like the products received, they can have their products returned and have their cash refunded after ten working days. One coil lighter cost $29.99 which makes the perfect pocket friendly gadget for everyone in the United States.


I’ll never buy another bic lighter after this. This thing works so well, and preserves the flavor in my cigars because it doesn’t contaminate the cigar with a toxic fuel source when I’m lighting it up.


3 days with it, and I’m convinced. This is the pinnacle of lighter technology. Amazing lighter. Bullet proof, and lights in any condition.


My fiance really loves this lighter. It has been dropped a few times and barely has a scratch. This is his daily lighter. Charges last for a while. The latch fits snuggly but is simple to remove. downside is the lighter slips out of the casing.



Done reading our coil lighter review and still have questions begging for answers? Then our frequently asked questions section could go a long way to providing answers to your questions or you could make use of the comment and we would respond immediately.

How Long Should You Hold the Ignition Button of a Coil Lighter?

The Coil lighter usually has a safety design mechanism that comes with it. There is usually a run-down time which is often around a 10-second stretch.

After ten seconds of lighting, the coil lighter will cut the plasma off automatically. While this mechanism is present in most lighters, it is recommended that you do not simply rely on this mechanism to kick in. You should simply avoid lighting it for more than eight seconds to be sure.

Can You Use Coil Lighters When Raining?

Coil lighters are generally designed to be effective in different types of weathers, whether it be rain or shine. It can still come in handy and would still be able to produce light even under the rain. However, there’s an obvious catch.

Once the lighter is soaked, it will already lose its effectiveness. If you want to use it when it’s raining, you might want to consider just covering it at the top as you start to light just to be sure.


coil lighter reviews
Coil Lighters

There is no mistaking that using a Coil lighter is far more efficient and effective compared to the traditional butane fueled lighters. It doesn’t need any refill, and it is windproof, something that is a level up to the mess of having to ignite a lighter again when the wind blows out the flame.

The Coil lighter stands out among the rest. The reasons behind this are simple. Not only do you get a very powerful looking lighter that you can take with you to any event, but it is also made to be durable one. You don’t have to worry about taking it out camping, as this is a non-corrosive metal that will not be damaged by heavy rains or other conditions that you find yourself in.

Coil lighter is a dual arc lighter, which means that you can use it for a variety of smoking products and still be able to get the perfect kind of spark to get your item going. The arc electrodes are made with ceramic material to protect them from damage or corrosion, and you receive accessories that allow you to clean and maintain your lighter correctly.

Add to it the fact that coil lighter provides at least a 500 uses and is easily rechargeable, and it is easy to see why this makes the ideal choice for any consumer in the United States.

One last note. These coil lighters are built to give you a great deal more protection regarding safety. You do not have flames that are produced by the lighter itself, making them significantly safer for you to use over traditional butane lighters.

However, this does not mean that they are a toy. Any lighter, even coil lighters, can be a danger if misused. This is why it is essential that you keep it away from your children and store it in a place that is not easily reachable by your kids. By doing so, you not only preserve the safety of your kids but increase the likelihood that your coil lighter will last for a more extended period.

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